I tried yoga today


…. Holy shit!!! That’s all….


A little about us


Hi! I am Krystal, i love cooking, hanging out with my family and friends, going anywhere, shopping, animals and being mom. I am Mama to Zach my soft hearted football playing, guitar loving, video game playing gentle giant. Jax, my sweet hearted, hard headed 4 year old…He is a “pistol” as my grandpa would say. And Hartlyn, my baby diva… Who is already showing signs of being my “wild flower”… She loves the outdoors, her bows and outfits (or so I think)… And her brothers! She has daddy tied around her finger and she is lovely! Last but not least… My husband… Adam… He works hard for us, plays hard with us and is just plain awesome 🙂 I think he is pretty cute too!
Let me start out by saying… I honestly don’t think I fail daily as a mom, but my kids make me question my abilities daily…
Welp, I will end my intro here… As I am excited to get started with my blog!!! An online journal I guess 🙂 of things that make me happy 🙂 Sad 😦 excited 😀 and mad :/… My cooking attempt, my kids, my purchases and most of all… My fails!!!